Static Secrets: 8 Ways to Prevent Static Hair


Happy New Year! Somehow 2017 has already come and gone and 2018 is well underway, but with every new year, comes new opportunities, challenges and goals and I wish you all a happy, healthy and successful year ahead!  Naturally, I have a long list of to-do’s and resolutions – shop less, recycle more, become the next Joanna Gaines (talk about being a superwoman), but among the more attainable is my goal to widen the breadth of the blog to offer more lifestyle tips (beauty, décor and entertainment).

So here’s my first blog of the year and I’m excited to share some beauty hacks that have literally been saving my life the last few weeks.  If you know me, I almost never complain about my hair.  Thankfully, good Asian genes have blessed me with a perpetually straight, easily stylable and never frizzy mane.  But, come winter, STATIC is not my friend.   After a few too many early morning meetings with my flyaway hair halo, I had to take matters into my own hands (every day bunning and not wearing sweaters, wool, cashmere or anything furry were not legitimate all season options), so I underwent a few weeks of intense online research and real-life trials to give you–

– 8 Ways to Prevent Static Hair –

First, a little science – What causes static hair?

When temperatures drop and the air dries, electrons, which are negatively-charged, fly off your hair, leaving your hair positively-charged with strands repelling each other and causing static.

So, how do we prevent or neutralize static hair?  

  1. Wash hair with less frequency.  Since static is caused by lack of moisture and washing your hair eliminates the natural oils that provide moisture to your hair, try washing your hair less frequently during the winter months.
  2. Stop using plastic combs and brushes.  Switch to metal, ceramic or wood combs and brushes that will reduce static.  Also brush with less frequency to avoid unnecessary friction to your hair.
  3. Buy an ionic hair dryer. Not only will your hair dry faster, but it neutralizes electric charge that creates static.
  4. Rub dryer sheets on brushes, pillows and clothing.  Dryer sheets eliminate excess static electricity, so give everything that touches your hair a little rub.
  5. Use heat protectant spray.  Heat protectants help to seal in moisture during the drying process.
  6. Use leave-in conditioner.  Leave-in conditions increase moisture while instantly taming static.
  7. Use hairspray.  Hairspray helps to keep static down and in place, but avoid brushing after spraying.
  8. Use hand moisturizer.  When in a pinch and to instantly tame flyaways, dilute a little hand moisturizer with water and rub into hair.

Hope you find these tips helpful and let me know if they worked in the comments below!



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