Searching for Summer: Cucumber Vodka Cooler

Recently, MM invited me over for dinner and some much needed catch-up time at her adorable apartment in Hells Kitchen.  After months of snowy NYC days, we were finally seeing signs of long coveted Spring – dewy mornings and sunny skies.

MM was making dinner – a delicious linguine with fresh clams – and I was in charge of the cocktails!  Inspired by the surprisingly warm temperatures, I decided on a Vodka Cucumber Cooler for something refreshing!  The recipe and preparation are simple, and it all goes down very (dangerously) easily.

1 cup vodka (I used Tito’s)
1 cup Sprite
1 large cucumber sliced thinly
1 lime sliced into 5 wedges
Handful fresh mint leaves, sliced lemons and limes (optional as garnish)
Ice cubes, for shaking and serving

Fill cocktail shaker about halfway with ice cubes.  Pour vodka, squeeze the juice of two lime wedges, and drop 10 slices of cucumber into shaker and shake vigorously until frosty.  Pour over glasses filed with ice, top with Sprite for some bubbly, garnish with cucumber slices, lemon and/or lime slices, mint leaves and serve!

Servings: 2 if you’re like MM and MY😉

Cucumber Cocktail

Great for a casual get together or your next party! Enjoy!


Thanks MM for an awesome dinner and fun night!


drinks 2

Tastes and looks beautiful even without the mint!  

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