Perfectly Rosy Cupcakes

Whether you’re making cupcakes for an upcoming bridal shower, birthday party or just because, I can’t think of anything lovelier than presenting a tray of edible roses.

For JY’s baby shower a few weeks ago, Sis was tasked with making cupcakes for the Sweets & Candies Table.  After furiously googling “pretty pink cupcakes” for inspiration photos, she gathered a large handful of gorgeous rose cupcake images and was set on recreating them.  We were shocked to find out how simple it actually was!

What you will need:

  1. Vanilla buttercream frosting (you can prepare this yourself or buy it premade)
  2. Food coloring (remember: one drop goes a long way, add drop by drop gradually until you achieve the desired color) 
  3. Piping bag
  4. Wilton 1M tip
  5. Cupcakes (fully cooled)

Directions:  Starting from the center of the cupcake, squeeze the icing while swirling around the center until the entire cupcake is covered.  Super easy! For a helpful video:


Tip:  You can also cover a round or sheet cake with individual roses. The results are to die for!  The pattern and method is the same, but you will need to overlap the roses slightly so there are no unfrosted sections left on the cake.

Happy Frosting!

Love – MY

Here’s Sis, a rose making machine. To make the cupcakes extra special, we gently sprinkled edible glitter and pearls on each cupcake.

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The cupcakes were beautifully displayed on the Sweets & Candies Table at JY’s baby shower on a tiered lucite tray. 

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After mastering the rose design, we prepared extra frosting in varying shades of pink to create an ombre effect for the display.  We also tested out some more complicated designs to add some variety (also shown above).

Photographer | Michelle Villalba Photography

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  1. Beautiful!

    1. MY says:

      Thanks Lexi! Your creations are beautiful too!

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