Newborn Lifestyle Shoot


It’s incredible how tiny newborns are and how quickly they grow (sigh).

I can’t believe its already been one month since Stephanie came to meet baby Rafa for our newborn shoot and how much he has already changed (yes, I’m already panicking about how quickly he’s growing and not so secretly hoping he stay mini forever).

Before his arrival, I knew I wanted a newborn shoot, but wasn’t sold on the type and style of photography – super cute posed newborn shots with ever so cute props, formal portraiture or a lifestyle shoot? I couldn’t decide. But, after he was born, I realized that what was most important to me was capturing those precious early moments together at home and am so glad that Stephanie and I decided to create something more natural and documentary in nature.

For the shoot, I dressed baby in the cutest beige knit leggings and I threw on an old off-the shoulder slate dress (to be honest, the only dress in my closet that I could fit into two weeks postpartum). Here are the gorgeous photos.

Photography | Stephanie Poulos


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  1. Olivia says:

    Where is the Mom’s dress from?

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