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For as long as I can remember and certainly since High School, friends would ask me to do their makeup for events – prom, Sweet 16’s, birthdays, weddings, etc.  I can recall the days when my best girl friends would come over 3 hours early and line up outside the bathroom to get their faces done before a big Saturday night.  As much as I loved it, the process became a bit tedious, especially when I’d walk out with half dried hair on my own birthday.  I eventually scaled back the free makeup sessions and poor EV had to learn how to do her own makeup (although I promised to always provide free services for very special events).

Last summer, before finding my truly talented makeup artist, JN, for my wedding, I struggled with endless makeup trials that left me looking like: (1) a drag queen; (2) just plain ugly; or (3) undone; and BROKE (god those trials were outrageously expensive).  I decided then that within the next year I would pick up my makeup brushes and start my own makeup service (at a more reasonable price point). After all, how many more girls did I have to watch suffer with EXPENSIVE, BUT JUST OKAY (or BAD) makeup on their wedding day or as a bridesmaid before I did something?

Fast forward to last weekend, we traveled to Houston for MMH and SP’s beautiful wedding.  Bugsy and his best friend SL were both in the wedding party, so the wives were able to enjoy an impromptu girls day – a delicious margarita-filled Mexican lunch followed by getting pretty without interruption by the boys.  With a little extra time before the festivities and after chatting with ECL about my recent decision to start my own makeup business over lunch, I offered to do her makeup for the wedding.

Here is a before and after.


Thank you ECL for allowing me to your use your beautiful face!

For information and booking on MY Makeup services, please contact me at 





Typical Saturday night bathroom lineup! EV, SX, MM and MP crammed into a NYC sized bathroom with hair tools, sequins and drinks in tow. 

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