MY First Post

After years of hesitation, countless hours of deliberation and way too many failed attempts to start a blog, here is MY first post.

I only thought it appropriate to start with a bit of an introduction.

“MY” conveniently refers to the initials of my first and last name.

For years (and still now, from time to time), I struggled with whether to pursue a more creative route (studio artist, interior designer, make-up artist???) or a more conventional one.  Perhaps predictably (at the not so subtle insistence of my lovely, but stereotypical Chinese parents and in light of my inherent aversion to risk), I chose the latter and am now a practicing attorney in NYC.

By day, I litigate (and facebook).  By night and weekend, I spend my time obsessing over fashion and interior design magazines, experimenting in the kitchen, dreaming up my next crafting project, shopping (too much), taking and editing photos, and decorating and re-decorating my apartment.  I’ve also been fortunate to enjoy the company of the most incredible family, friends, husband and cuddly new baby pug in the most amazing city in the world.

Life can be pretty extraordinary.



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