Happy Anniversary

I can’t believe it’s already been one year

It feels like only yesterday that I was badgering you about wedding colors (terribly unsuccessfully) and music and bridal party pair-ups and everything else. But, as I look back nostalgically on that day and the special time before our wedding, I can’t help but smile and feel that everything was just as it should be – magical.

The reality is…we are extremely lucky…to have found someone we truly love and also admire, to continuously learn from, to have experienced some of life’s most formidable moments together (it has been almost 10 years), to have made it through difficult times and not given up.  And even though I knew well before the day we got married that you ARE the one, I’m pleasantly surprised and grateful that the passage of time has only given me more opportunities to discover other reasons to love you.

Looking back on this first year of “wedded bliss,” I think we’ve done REALLY WELL.  It’s been a year and…

  • we haven’t stopped laughing;
  • we still do the “goodbye kisses routine” each time either of us walks out the front door;
  • we haven’t stopped sharing our everyday “stories” during our morning commute;
  • we still enjoy bothering each other daily;
  • we haven’t stopped singing random ditties or breaking out in awkward dance parties;
  • you haven’t stopped trying to find new ways to scare me when walking into the house;
  • you still tell me I’m pretty and call me “Peanut”;
  • you haven’t stopped looking at me the way you did on our wedding day; and
  • I still feel as blessed and excited to be your wife as I did a year ago today.

Thank you for always encouraging (sometimes cajoling) me to be the best version of myself, to live fearlessly and to take chances, for supporting all of my whims (however fanciful), for listening intently, for taking a million and one photos of and with me (against your wishes), for loving pugs as much as I do, and for making me feel special every day.

No marriage or love story is ever perfect (and God does it require a lot work and patience), but I couldn’t imagine living, exploring and building this perfectly imperfect life with anyone else.

I love you.  Happy Anniversary my Bugsy.



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