Fall Trends Straight from the Streets of Fashion Week | September 2018

The SS/19 runways have plenty of predictions for next season’s trends, but the streets of fashion week let us all know what’s hot right now.

5 Streetstyle Trends to Guide your Fall/Winter Fashion:

First, let’s start with the basics.  Attending fashion week, in any of the major cities – New York, London, Milan and/or Paris is not an option available for most, so how does one stay abreast of street style trends?  The answer: Follow the best and most influential street style photographers whose work is streamed almost as quickly as the looks hit the pavement.

Top 5 Favorite Street Style Photographers to Follow:

  • Phil Oh, also known as @mrstreetpeeper – Street style photog extraordinaire for Vogue.
  • Scott Schuman, the refined eye behind @thesartorialist.
  • Tommy Ton, whose ability to capture details is unrivaled.
  • Leo Faria, who beautifully blurs the line between street style photography and portraiture.
  • Diego Anciano (@collagevintage2), street style photog for Vogue Espana and longtime beau of super fashion influencer, Sara Escudero, better known as @collagevintageFun Fact: I had the pleasure of meeting this lovely power couple last year during a fashion week party and I fangirled to the point of embarrassment.

Second, let’s move to street style trends.  Some trends are undoubtedly the result of last season’s FW/18 runways, but others gain momentum sua sponte (legalese for “of one’s own accord”).  This season’s streets displayed a diverse fashion palette, from bold colors and prints to metallic and vinyls, but a few trends stood out among the rest.

Street Style Trends to Try this Fall/Winter:

Animal print everything.  When I say everything, I literally mean everything.  Women clad in head-to-toe animal print were all over the fashion week streets – from leopard to snakeskin or to some mixture of all in one ferocious look.Animal Print | Diego Anciano

Layers.  According to the streets, there can never be too many layers.  We’re talking skirts on top of shorts, tubes and tanks on top of blouses, coats on top of jackets and the layers go on and on.Layered | Tommy Ton

Metallic on Metallic on Metallic. Monochromatic looks were everywhere, but the most apparent and noteworthy manifestations were those in all metallic.Metallics on Metallaics | Phil Oh

Neon.  Perhaps one of the more surprising trends were all the neon looks (and I mean NEON looks).  A little unexpected for cooler temps, but against a slightly moodier fall sky, these looks really stood out for better or worse. Neon | Leo Faria

Bold Power Suits. Suits have been a “thing” for awhile, but now they’re bolder than ever – whether their grandeur emanates from exaggerated silhouettes or bright colors or unique textiles.Bold Suits | Adam Katz Sinding

Shade Play.  Playing with shades of the same color or hue is officially a thing. For a few seasons now, we’ve seen versions of the pink/red outfit play, but now it’s expanded to all of the rainbow – blue/green, orange/burgundy, mustard/orange and the combinations go on and on.Shades | Scott Schuman (2)

Dad Sneakers. Strange, but somehow very cool, dad sneakers might be my favorite trend this season if for no other reason than its gracious offer of comfort for our heel harmed feeties. Dad Sneakers | Samir Benson

How I Styled the Trends

And, since this gal literally cannot pass up a trend, here’s a preview of one of my favorite looks from fashion week that incorporated two of my favorite fall trends: the Dad Sneaker & the Bold Power Suit.  Full blog post coming soon!

Sneakers & Suits | Featuring Fila Disruptor II and Pinko Jacquard Suit






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