DIY Floral Arrangements: How to make your own gorgeous arrangement for under $40.

So excited to announce that Baby P is finally here!

I went to meet the little one last night, but before arriving, I wanted to make something special for SDP who, like all new moms,  have been through the ringer and should be reminded of how incredible they truly are.   So, I stopped by a local deli on my way to the hospital and looked for the freshest blooms they had to make something super girly for SDP since things will likely go baby boy blue from hereon.

Whether you’re making arrangements as a gift, to dress up your home or for an event, following a few simple steps will elevate your creation to the next level without breaking the bank.

How to create a simple arrangement:

1. Always choose the freshest blooms: When making arrangements from your local deli selection, always choose the blooms that look the freshest.  Although most NYC delis flower receive deliveries daily, they do not necessarily throw out their remaining inventory at the end of the night.  So, upon spotting fluffy white and pink peonies, I immediately grabbed one bunch ($10 for two stems).  I just love the feather-like quality of these blooms.  But, because peonies are not in season (late spring flowers),  I couldn’t get multiple bunches if I wanted the arrangement to remain a reasonable price.


2.  Always choose a reasonably priced flower that adds volume: To add bulk, I picked up a large two dozen bunch of fresh pink roses ($10 for 24 stems).  Roses are almost always available, usually last longer than other varietals and are relatively inexpensive.


3.  Add a little surprise texture and whimsy:  For visual interest, choose a varietal that is a distinctly different shape or color.  I chose one bunch of lavender freesia ($6 for 4 stems) and one bunch of white freesia ($6 for 4 stems).


4. Choose a simple vase with a smaller mouth:  To keep the overall look full without spending a ton to fill it, be sure to find a vase with a smaller mouth.   I found the perfect 3-inch short cylinder vase ($5).

Tip: Most NYC delis not only sell flowers, but simple glass vases.  So, you can make your own arrangements with ease.


5.  Bunch varietals together for a more modern look: To create a more modern look and to keep things simple for the deli employee who will be helping you get the arrangement together, ask him or her to keep the varietals together.  First, I put the peonies together, built the roses all around, then flanked opposite ends with the freesia. To ensure the bouquet looks full and fills the vase, measure the flowers so the bloom sit right above the top of the vase and cut all the stems to the same length.

Voila! And, this beauty smelled amazing!


Congratulations SDP and AP! 


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