Baby Shower Glam: How I put together the perfect baby shower look


There are so many beautiful details to share from my baby shower last weekend, but I can’t think of a better way to start than with how I put together my look.

I know, it’s been way too long since my last blog post, but I swear the time I spent away from the blog went to good use. So what have I been doing over the last two weeks? Well, if you’ve been following on the ‘gram then you know that the last few weeks have really been all about my baby shower (i.e., spending every free moment crafting and coordinating all the details, and of course attending the actual big day). I’m still on cloud nine thinking about how perfect everything was and cannot wait to show you all of the details over the next few weeks – from how I put together my look (today’s blog post) to how I found the perfect venue to all the DIY and crafting that went on for the last three months. It was nothing less than magical!

In the end, I was so pleased with how my look came together, but finding an outfit for the baby shower was nothing less than a struggle and the last major detail to be finalized. I admit that sounds a bit surprising given my natural proclivities, but dressing a third trimester bump (and body) is no easy task. The strange thing about pregnancy is that you really have no idea what your body will look like from day-to-day. Things are constantly growing, changing and shifting, making it nearly impossible to figure out what might fit or how something will look like in a few weeks.

But with an event as special as my baby shower (especially given all of my neurotic planning), I couldn’t just compromise on my look. I totally understand now why so many ladies say that tight can be the most flattering silhouette during pregnancy, but the reality is, it’s just not my style. And, although I’ve been super fortunate to not have gained a lot of weight or suffered from much swelling (with the exception of my legs and feet after a long day), I have noticed a little extra volume in my limbs that I wanted to camouflage, if at all possible. Also, I wanted to be sure my look worked with the space at Scarpetta. With all of it’s gorgeous greenery detail and refined interiors, I wanted something a little whimsical, but still glamorous. So, I had a tall order fill – finding a look that would be stylish, trendy, flattering and (fingers crossed) comfortable? So, in the weeks leading up to the shower, I ordered thousands (yes, I said thousands) of dollars worth of dresses (in multiple sizes as the majority of which were not maternity) that were returned almost as quickly as they arrived – nothing was quite special enough.

After weeks of fashion indecision and just a few days from the shower (yikes!), I finally took the plunge and went to try on a dress I’d been eyeing for months from LoveShackFancy. If you aren’t familiar with the brand, their vintage inspired pieces are nothing less than special – undeniably feminine, whimsical and romantic – and perfect for an occasion. The Janet Dress in a neutral beige stretch tulle fully adorned in clusters of mother of pearl sequins combined everything I wanted – a neutral color with visual interest, blouson sleeves, full a-line maxi length skirt, low v-neck and empire waist to accommodate a growing bump. I had tried on a number of other dresses with similar qualities (sequin embellishment, statement sleeves, maxi, etc. etc.), but none that combined all of the elements I was looking for. Once I found the perfect dress, the rest fell quickly into place. To keep the overall look neutral, I wore nude patent heeled sandals with a reasonable 3.5″ heel. For accessories, I wanted something complimentary without competing with the sequins of the dress and wore long freshwater pearl earrings, which contrasted nicely against my dark hair. Finally with the help of my favorite stylist from Drybar, I opted for a vintage curl.

P.S. I was so happy to somehow convince Bugsy into an impromptu 5 minute maternity shoot after his arrival at the baby shower and the photos are to die for. Special thanks to Joey Wang for capturing all of the beautiful moments of the day.


Dress | LoveShackFancy Janet Dress | Shoes | RAYE Gloria Heel || Earrings | Amber Sceats Rylee Earrings

Photography | Joey Wang

Location | Scarpetta, New York


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